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This function compares the first char with the last, the second with the one previous the last, and so on. The first different pair it finds, return 0 (false); if all the pairs were equal, then return 1 (true). You only need to go up to (the length) / 2 because the second half just re-checks the same stuff as the first half; and if the length is odd, the middle doesn't need to be checked (so it's okay to do integer division by 2, which rounds down).

More idiomatic version:

A single char is surely a palindrome; a string is a palindrome if first and last char are the same and the remaining string (the string starting from the second char and ending to the char preceding the last one) is itself a palindrome.

The C solutions also work in C++, but C++ allows a simpler one:

Or, checking half is sufficient (on odd-length strings, this will ignore the middle element):

Using LINQ operators

No string reversal

Reversing a string is very slow. A much faster way is to simply compare characters.


I use Allegro CL 10.1

BlackBox Component Builder

Execute: ^Q BbtPalindrome.Do

Performance comparison

It is only necessarily to scan the first half of the string, upper(0, upper.size() // 2) , and compare each character to the corresponding character from the other end, upper[last - i] .

The for loop syntax is for key pattern => value pattern in collection { ... } , ? imposes an additional boolean condition on a pattern (it may be read “ such that ”), and if the pattern does not match in a for loop then the iteration is skipped, so false is returned only if upper[last - i]!= c .

Function reverse is taken from list module and is defined as:

Note: Because of Elixir's strong Unicode support, this even supports graphemes:

Link to live demo:


VBA/Python programmer's approach not sure if it's the most falconic way

more falconic

FIRST and LAST are once-off words that could be beheaded immediately afterwards. The version taking advantage of Tail Call Optimization or a properly tail-recursive variant of RECURSE (easily added to any Forth) is very similar. The horizontal formatting highlights the parallel code - and potential factor; a library of many string tests like this could have?SUCCESS and?FAIL .

Below is a separate Forth program that detects palindrome phrases as well as single word palindromes. It was programmed using gforth.


palindrome? Type a phrase: A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal-Panama!

The Mercury News

Baking bridges: Sunnyvale mom builds nonprofit…


By Alia Wilson | Bay Area News Group, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Mercury News

Taped to the inside cover of Libby Gruender’s notebook is a 2 inch-by-2 inch article clipping with a picture-perfect birthday cake and glowing candles that beg to be blown out. The Sunnyvale mother of two doesn’t remember which magazine she clipped it out of, but it goes wherever she goes. For her, it’s a symbol of hope–a child’s innocent wishes. It reminds her of what started it all.

The article was about a nonprofit group in Trenton, Ga., that bakes free birthday cakes for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

“The concept is so obvious and straightforward …I thought, ‘That would be great. I’m going to sign up,'” Gruender said. “There weren’t any here in the Bay Area. To think, as many people as we have here–three million people–and we didn’t have anyone who started something like that.”

Tired of working in the fast-paced, money-centric tech industry, Gruender decided it was time to do something with more meaning, something for someone else.

With her former co-worker who happened to be an excellent baker by her side, Gruender founded Cake4Kids, the first organization of its kind in the Bay Area.

inRead invented by Teads

Baking bridges

A guitar-shaped cake complete with chocolate pickups, a turntable with fondant knobs and a princess tiara on top of a pillow of cake are just a few of the masterpieces created by the growing roster of Bay Area volunteers.

Since its inception in September 2010, Cake4Kids volunteers have made more than 40 cakes for foster children, at-risk youth and other kids in need.

It took a lot of pounding the pavement, emails and phone calls to build a volunteer base of 70 men and women, but Gruender said it came rather quickly after reaching out to fellow mothers, bakers and local nonprofit groups looking to partner with her organization.

“It was just the two of us at first, but by Dec. 2 we had maybe 20 volunteers and today we have about 70,” Gruender said. “It’s growing very, very fast and we’re tapping the mom network.”

With 9- and 12-year-old boys at Cherry Chase Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle schools, Gruender found reaching out to other mothers was a natural fit.

“It’s gone up through Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Cupertino–all these other school communities. It’s just spreading. A part of it is because a lot of these volunteers are moms and they have their own kids, so it kind of touches a chord with them to help a child. But also there are so many bakers who just love to bake and they need an outlet.”

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